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About US

The College of Health was first established in 2005, and later became the College of Medical and Health Sciences in 2013. The College offers undergraduate, master (including on-job program) and Ph.D. degrees. The areas of study include health care administration, health and long-term care policies and health insurance principles (Department of Health Administration); Food science, nutrition and health biotechnology (Department of Food Nutrition and Health Biotechnology); agricultural and medical biotechnology (Department of Biotechnology); clinical, and occupational and industrial/organizational psychology (Department of Psychology); Nursing (Department of Nursing);Optometry (Department of Optometry); audiology and speech-language pathology(Department of Audiology and Speech-language pathology); occupational therapy(Department of Occupational Therapy); and post-baccalaureate veterinary medicine(Department of Post-Baccalaureate Veterinary Medicine). In addition, a department of physical therapy will be established in 2019. We also provide cross-department and crossuniversity programs. The faculty obtained their expertise in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand, and at well-known universities in Taiwan. Many faculty members have held important positions in the administration of the national medical and public health system, and in psychology, and health biotechnology.